Roadworks and diversions

Our aim during construction

Our aim is to provide a safe environment for all those working on or travelling through our scheme. We also want to provide a high level of customer service and keep delays to a minimum. Most of the new road construction is separated from the current route of the A303, allowing roadworks to be kept to a minimum.


To ensure a safe environment for all those living near, travelling or working on our scheme, we will:

  • provide safety zones and barriers for protection of the workforce and between opposing traffic lanes
  • provide safety signs for road users as they approach and travel along the A303 and other routes affected by road works
  • Provide safety fencing and signs directing walkers, cyclists and horse riders during the stages of construction.
  • maintain the A303’s current capacity for traffic in both directions
  • keep the overall length of the traffic management for the works to a minimum
  • provide free recovery for stranded vehicles to a specified local safe area
  • make sure appropriate speed limits are in place throughout road works
  • not reduce the speed limit on the majority of this section of the A303

Customer service

We will listen to the needs of the local community and do our best to keep disruption to a minimum.

We will provide the local community and road users with information on road works, closures, and diversions by:

  • letter drops
  • leaflets
  • emails
  • text alerts
  • newsletters
  • website updates
  • webchats
  • drop-in meetings (covid restrictions allowing)
  • permanent signs
  • portable message signs

Operating lanes

We’ll be using narrow running lanes in some sections to provide a suitable safety zone and working areas. During full closures, we’ll be diverting traffic along suitable routes agreed with Somerset County Council. The operating lanes will be suitable for all traffic that typically use the affected carriageway.

Road closures & diversions

We will need some road closures during construction to allow us to complete our work safely and efficiently. We are planning a maximum of up to 3 weeks of overnight closures and 2 full weekend closures over the 2 year build. Daytime closures will be from around 0930-1530, with night time work from 2100-0600. Where full road closures are needed, signed diversion routes will be in place.

We will give advanced notice of at least 4 weeks, of any planned diversion routes.

Table of planned diversion routes, click on image to enlarge

Speed limits

Wherever possible we will maintain the existing 50mph mandatory speed limit through the construction and use numerous control measures to maintain the safety of road users and road workers.

Driver compliance

We’ll be using average speed cameras to enforce speed limits.

Free vehicle recovery

We’ll be providing vehicle recovery during the construction period from the start of narrow lane restrictions on the A303 until they are removed. When drivers and their vehicles are recovered they will be taken to a suitable place of safety.